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What to Wear Fall 2016 | Glamour Photography Whidbey Island

So I must admit I am a bit of a shopping junky. I LOVE all things girly and could spend countless hours just looking at new fashion trends online or in stores. But seriously who has time for that? Well luckily for those who are not interested in shopping or looking for outfits I’ve got you covered. If you have an upcoming session or thinking about possibly booking a session but are convinced you have nothing to wear or how to shop for items I have a Dream Shoot Planner you will receive which has so much useful information in it you won’t have to think about much.


I am currently working on new trends for you as well and have attached a few of the newest what to wears I am working on for family sessions as well as glamour sessions. Best part is the links for the stores are available and you can actually buy all of these. I am trying to make this incredibly affordable as well and not creating outfits with crazy high end items that only the elites can justify spending the money on. I may be a girly girl but I am a frugal one who hates spending a lot of money on clothes when there are so many amazing items for a reasonable price.


Another trend worth mentioning is the hot trend of ankle boots! I love them! But they can be a bit challenging to pair with the right pair of jeans. Even if you have skinny jeans chances are you’ll need to make a slight adjustment to the hem to make them work perfectly. Here are just a few pointers for wearing ankle boots:

  • Roll the hem of your jeans so they sit just ABOVE the ankle boot so you can show them off. You don’t have to be wearing skinny jeans for this tip to work. You can wear your favorite boyfriend jeans or straight legs. Sweet!
    • How do I roll my jeans you ask? Well if you are old enough to have survived the 80’s you already know this trick but for those who never got into that trend or are new to this simply fold the hem of your jeans about two-inches, and then fold a second time to get the desired length. Want a useful tip? Don’t struggle trying to do this while you are wearing your pants already, it’s often easier to cuff your jeans before putting them on, and then just adjust afterwards as needed.
  • Oh hey… Ankle booties are NOT just for jeans or leggings… Why not pair these with a fabulous skirt for a trendy look that may not be as dangerous for us gals who cannot always wear high heels but makes the outfit look fab with just the right height. Throw on a pair of leggings and you’re covered for the cooler weather as well.

Now I already have two big tulle skirts in the studio that I wish I could personally wear everyday all day because I LOVE big tulle skirts but it’s not feasible in the fluffiness category of these skirts. Luckily this fall fashion season is trending with tulle skirts. EEEEKKK happy dance!


Anyhow here are a few designs for you that may help with an upcoming session or simply in your day to day life!



Fall date


Rose Gold with Tulle Skirt


Cozy fall day




Glamour What to Wear


Plum and Yellow Family Photoshoot What to Wear


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