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It is probably no surprise to anyone who follows me on social media or who knows me in person, that I LOVE makeup. I find it to be empowering and fun. I love showing clients how it can transform them and make them see themselves in a different manner. With that though has some saying, “you don’t need makeup to be pretty”. While I do fully agree with that statement as you absolutely do not, makeup should be used as a tool and not taken too seriously. I know that when I choose to put on makeup in the morning that I may indeed wear more than many others would. And that is okay. When I put on my makeup I take on an almost alter ego if you will and that ego holds confidence and sass. When I get up and put myself “together” I feel more like I can take the take by the horns and show it who is the boss. On the flip side though there are plenty of days that I don’t wear any makeup because I am completely comfortable with myself and secure enough to allow everyone to see my bare face. I have melasma (hyper pigmentation of the skin causing brown spots) that has been getting worse over the past year and while I personally can’t stand it and would love to get rid of it, I’m still ok with others seeing me as I am.


This acceptance has taken me YEARS! I was the girl in high school who was so full of self-doubt and loathed my appearance I wouldn’t walk out my door without my makeup on and hair done. I continued this and put my self-esteem value in my appearance throughout my twenties. The older I get the more I am willing to accept myself and my “flaws”. I am hoping that on this journey we are taking that younger girls and women alike start to accept and understand that what we see everyday on the cover of magazines is not true, it is not the standard we should set for ourselves. Does this sound like a bunch of B.S. cuz here I am saying I feel great with makeup on? Maybe, but I know underneath my makeup I am a strong and most of the time confident woman. I want you to be as well…. You are beautiful no matter your age, size, gender, status in this world. How you treat yourself and others as humans is what makes you beautiful. But if you want to add a little shimmer to that beauty by all means go for it! Please treat makeup for what it is, an accessory to feeling good about ourselves and it is not a crime and no one should shame you for the amount of makeup you wear or don’t wear.






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