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Oh my how time sure does fly… Did you know that it truly is never too early to start thinking and planning out your senior pictures.  Juniors and even Sophomores, this is the time to start thinking!  This is a milestone that is not to be taken lightly, trust me.  These will be images that you will keep for the rest of your life.  It’s definitely not an event you want to put on the back burner.
So which month is the best for portraits, especially in the PNW?  Some months have their advantages surely, but there really isn’t a simple answer.  Lets look at the pros and cons.

July:  School hasn’t started yet so there is plenty of time to plan.  Life is probably pretty stress free during the summer.  The sun is shining and the rain has FINALLY stopped! HOORAY. I know school is the last thing you are wanting to think of but this is one of the best months to get your pictures done if you want that gorgeous outdoor session to even include sundown. Plus, you can be one of the first to show off your images!

August:  School is starting to become a reality and shopping for supplies has occurred. If you participate in sports or band etc. this is when  practices for ramp up.  Weather is still really AMAZING! Getting this task accomplished early in the year can be a relief with all the things on your to-do list.

September:  School is underway and everyone is getting back in the groove.  Temperatures are cooler now and the rain is starting to remind us that fall is coming and we can’t stop it.  At this point your time may be stretched thin depending on extracurricular activities.

October:  The weather is officially cooler and the rain is hit or miss.  Routines are set.  October is a busy month in general, though.  Another thing you will want to consider is the possibility that your outdoor portion of the session may get cancelled due to rain…

November:  If you are wanting fall colors for your senior pictures we may have missed that window unless you’re early November.  Autumn is short lived here as we go from Summer to Winter quickly.  The fall colored leaves only last about three weeks.  The weather is usually pretty wet and blah.  This is your last minute crunch to get your yearbook picture taken and submitted if you want to submit one that is not the “school photograph”.

December:  By December, the leaves are gone on any tree that changed and the temperature is cold.  You have a million different things to this month so trying to schedule a senior session may be a bit of a stressful task… Enjoy the holiday season!

January:  Well what can I say about January except that everyone is usually in recovery phase by now with the holidays that have packed on many additional events to your already busy schedule. Also the weather is not exactly amazing unless you want the option of possibly shooting in the snow. We may or may not get snow so you may not want to count on that as an option unless we drive to get some.

February:  The weather is very meh.  Many cold and windy/rainy days during this time.  If you do decide to schedule during this month, I recommend finding some urban locations to use (that have plenty of protection from the elements).  Also, expect reschedules due to weather.  But don’t be too discouraged. If this truly is the time of year you can make it work then rest assured we can make your entire session like Vogue magazine call with amazing indoor portraits!

March:  March is the month where everyone is starting to get over the weather. But March is still a very popular month for portraits. You may start to truly countdown the days until you graduate as it’s only a few months away.  Everything is green again and the flowers are starting to bloom.  Weather can still be unpredictable at times, so be prepared for reschedules in March as well.  Keep your extracurricular activities in mind, too.  Often March is a busy month as far as student events and commitments are concerned.

April:  Well April showers is definitely a saying that is accurate here in the PNW.  But with those showers comes green and lush plants along with flowers blooming.

May: A possible bonus is that you will probably have received you cap and gown at this point to wear during your session.  However, graduation is approaching quickly and you need to think about timing as far as graduation announcements are concerned.  You want to make sure you have time to get those in the mail in a timely manner.  Also, by May, yearbook deadlines for senior pages and such may have passed. And although the majority of everyone here loves where we live, it is still raining and you need to have an open mind about where and how your session will go down.

June: Well you’ve made it! Congratulations! You are graduating…

I hope this truly helps you plan and takes the stress away for you! Senior portraits should be something to look forward too. This is not the time in your life where you want to settle with a friend and their smartphone. Printed product will last a lifetime and the quality and experience is something you should truly want. I’m excited for you and I hope you are as well!

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