Simple Mistakes to avoid before your Boudoir Session

Simple Mistakes to avoid before your Boudoir Session

Heavy Make-up. We really recommend you have your hair and make-up done by our in-house professional make-up creative person. They are very experienced in applying make-up that works for photography. Regularly day make-up can frequently look greasy in images and we want to avoid that. If you are doing your own then keep it lighter on the appearance, but don’t forget lips and lashes tend to fade in images.

Clothes That Don’t Fit. You’ve dashed out to grab some new outfits but you’ve not warn them, or they’ve come out of the back of the cupboard. Especially for lingerie it needs to be a first class fit, neither too loose or too tight.

Sunburn, Tan Lines and Fake Tan. While we can photoshop most things, bad sunburn or tan lines are really hard to correct. If you are tanning, do it at least 2 weeks ahead of your appointment. We can always tan you up in Photoshop if you experience a petite pale. Please avoid fake tans close to your photoshoot, fake tans appearance really bad in pictures.

Shave/Wax/Defoliate. You want everything to expression smooth and sexy. Try and get this all done a pair of days in advance. You don’t want rashes and raw skin from doing it on the day.

Getting Tipsy. We know how tempting it is to have a glass or two only to lay-back yourself, but please keep it to a maximum of one. We don’t want half-closed, blood-shot eyes. Remember especially if you are driving to and from and your shoot.

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