Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

Samantha | Greater Seattle Senior Photographer | Shonda Hilton Photography

You may recall seeing this gorgeous smile earlier this year and you are correct, you did! This intellegent lovely young lady is Samantha. Samantha is one of SHP Class of 2020 Senior Spokesmodels. I adore that you are spunky Samantha and I cannot wait to see where this upcoming year takes you!


Keep scrolling down to read about Samantha and get to know her a bit more:

What are you thinking about majoring in?

  • Veterinary medicine or Physical therapy

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • Soccer, 4-H

Sports, Hobbies, Fun stuff:

  • Soccer, 4-H, swimming, traveling and hanging out with family



What is your FAVORITE fashion trend right now?

  • Striped pants

What’s your usual style? Describe your style here:

  • Usually a t-shirt and jeans

What’s your favorite fashion / clothing piece that you own?

  • Sparkly jeans or my button skirt

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at? What about these brands do you LOVE?

  • Maurice’s, American Eagle and Buckle, I like how everything fits and I can find things that I feel good in



You wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without?

  • My water bottle

What is your favorite color TO WEAR and why?

  • maroon or yellow I think they look good in my opinion

What is YOUR definition of true BEAUTY?:

  • My definition of true beauty it that you feel happy about who you are, what you look like what you believe. True beauty it being completely and utterly yourself.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How about 10 years?

  • Five years I hope to be finishing up college (the first part of it anyway) then moving onto finishing whatever it is that I decided to major in. Then getting my career started and travel a little 🙂

How would you describe your personality?

  • Determined

What is your favorite book or magazine?

  • Dreamland Burning



Who is your favorite singer and/or band?

  • Cage the Elephant, ACDC, Tim McGraw and Dan and Say (are my favorites right now but it changes frequently)

What is your latest favorite movie(s), and why?

  • You can never go wrong with Harry Potter but I also liked the recent Sherlock Holmes because it’s so dumb it’s funny

What are your favorite classes in school and why?

  • Science because I like experimenting and it’s always changing and history because I enjoy learning about why things are the way they are.



Name 3 things on your bucket list! Aaaaand GO!

  1. Scuba dive
  2. Visit all 50 states
  3. Donate my hair

Best advice you’ve been given?

  • “Always stay humble and kind”
  • “forgive but never forget”
  • “be the type of women who fixes another women’s crow without telling the world that it was crooked”

What is something that you want everyone to know about you?

  • I’m a family person and I love animals


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