Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

Relaxed Newborn Photo Shoots | Whidbey Island Photographer

At Shonda Hilton Photography we recognize that although your baby is the most gorgeous subject in the world – they may not be the most co-operative!

Don’t stress, it’s fine and we really understand. If your baby wants to have a moment of yelling, or needs feeding or nappy changes then that is all cool and part of a newborn photo session.

It is a good idea to arrive with your newborn having a full belly if that’s possible. Of course, their feeding timetable might not match yours, so don’t worry.

If your youngster has fallen asleep in the car on the way over then don’t worry about waking them. In fact if we can keep them asleep then all the better. Sleeping babies are wonderfully photogenic.

Once they are awake, lots of cuddles will help them feel warm and secure. To be honest, babies don’t have a great deal of awareness of where they are or what is happening, so it is about comfort.

We keep our studio nice and warm for newborn sessions. If you are going for the nude or nearly naked photographs then we’ll keep them nice and fast and be geared up to wrap them up afterwards.

Don’t stress about “accidents”, they happen and we’ll simply put things in the wash afterwards. Do bring some spare nappies and clothes though.

Your baby shoot is of course not just about them. We will be including you in the shoots too, so be dressed and ready yourselves.

You may be feeling tired following a recent delivery. We will use posing, lighting and camera angles to make you look terrific.

It’s quite common for mom’s and dad’s to do topless skin-to-skin pictures with their new baby. That’s fine, only let us know and we will sort that out for you.


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