Rebekah |Whidbey Island Glamour Photographer

I’d like to introduce to you one of the strongest, most beautiful woman I know. I’ve known Rebekah now for at least five years as our boys have been growing up together. Rebekah has been an amazing, inspirational firewoman and EMT for over 20 years now and gives so much back to our community. She volunteers for our local fire department on top of working full time and juggling life while being married to a veteran fireman as well. She is one of the most positive women I know and I don’t recall a moment of negativity coming from her.

So when Rebekah said she was interested in being photographed I jumped at the opportunity. She wanted to see a little different side of her as you can understand she doesn’t have the most glamorous of jobs so to take this time for herself was incredible. I truly hope she cherishes these beautiful images for years to come along with her hubby, son, and I’m sure her parents will be joyed to have these as a keep sake as well.

Love you woman!


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