Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

Preparing for your Winter Photoshoot

Some folk don’t go for the winter sessions because, well because it’s cold frankly.

However, winter light can be absolutely wonderful and is not to be underestimated how important that is to your photoshoot.

1) Clothes

You really need to layer up. Photoshoots can be real mix of bustling activity and then standing around for a few minutes. You can soon switch from hot to cold. Layers will let you adjust quickly and also give us a few different looks we can shoot quickly.

Bring a spare pair of clothes just in case.

2) Weather

To be honest all the winter weather can be fun and make you some quite different. Sun or snow are the obvious weather conditions. But actually, a windy or even a rainy day can give you something quite special. We’ll always chat to you a day or two before your date when we have seen the weather forecast to discuss what we are going to do.

3) Colors

Strong, bright colors that really pop out in the pictures, so bright reds and blues are great.

4) Managing the cold

A hot beverage can be a nice treat part way through the shoot and keeps everybody keen. Don’t forget tissues for any runny noses or fogged up spectacles.


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