Olivia M | Valley View Middle School

Olivia here is a young lady who has a very strong idea of who she is and I commend her for that. At her age I struggled with who I was and tried to be whomever people thought I should be. I loved that she was down with playing different lighting to create these super unique and personal pictures for her to love for years to come! We went with a Billie Eilish vibe and totally crushed it.

Here are 10 fun facts about Miss Olivia:

1. When I was really little, like 7, I did ballet for about a year after that i did jazz

2. I enjoy painting in my free time and prefer to make more “abstract” pieces

3. I played the trumpet for a year and now I play percussion

4. Writing stories is my escape from reality

5. My favorite video game is Detroit:Become Human (Even though i’ve only watched videos about it)

6. I’m a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fan and I have about 3 sets of random figures from the movie

7. My favorite drink is peach bubble tea

8. I have BAD hemophobia

9. My favorite song is “Bloody Valentine” By Machine Gun Kelly

10. I fell asleep at the first concert I was ever taken to (It was a One Republic concert)



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