Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

Makenna P | Greater Seattle Area Senior Photographer | Shonda Hilton Photography

I have had to the pleasure to watch Makenna grow up into this silent yet immensely strong young woman over the years as she grew in karate and schooling. I am so thankful that although she is a very introspective young lady she wanted to show everyone just how amazing the strong and silent type can be in the world. I know Makenna will go far as she moves on and develops away from the small town mentality of South Whidbey.


To find out more about this amazing young woman please keep scrolling 🙂

  • College Hopeful? If so, where? Amherst
  • What are you thinking about majoring in? English
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Karate
  • Sports, Hobbies, Fun stuff: Reading, Writing, Video games
  • What are you MOST excited about for life AFTER high school? Getting out into the world, and going to college to pursue
    something that I love.



  • What is your favorite season? Summer
  • You wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without? A book
  • What is your favorite color TO WEAR and why? I find myself wearing a lot of blue hues. It goes beautifully with a lot
    of other colors in different combinations




  • What do you envision for your session? I want it to be a friendly feel outside with the natural light and fields.
  • Where would you like to see your session? (The outside, natural light portion, (season permitting)) COUNTRY: boots and fields BOHO: tall grasses, flowing fabrics


  • Tell me what YOUR definition of true beauty is: I believe that the beauty in someone is by who they are to other people and who they are to themselves. Having confidence and respect for yourself gives so much power of beauty.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How about 10 years? I want to have a steady job as a successful author, which is
    something that I would love to do. After school and college I hope I can pursue it.
  • What is your FAVE senior memory, so far? So far, my favorite memory is spending time with friends


  • How would you describe your personality? Quiet, Creative, and Hard working
  • What is your favorite book or magazine? Throne of Glass and The Graces
  • Who is your favorite singer and/or band? Grace Vanderwaal and Sabrina Carpenter
  • What is your latest favorite movie(s), and why? My latest favorite movie is The Golden Compass. I like the fantastical aspects throughout the story and movie.


  • What are your favorite classes in school and why? Art and English, I find that I can express myself simply in those
    two classes.
  • Name 3 things on your bucket list!  – Publish a book – Get into my dream college – Travel around the world
  • Best advice you’ve been given? Practice makes permanent, not perfect





  • Why did you choose SHP for your senior portraits photographer? I’m not very comfortable around people I don’t know. Being friends with your family for years, I find I’m a lot more comfortable being around and photographed.
  • What do you like about the pictures you have seen from your friends who have hired me for their senior portraits?
    I like that although it is staged photos, they are true to the interactions of the individual rather than the set up. The
    people are raw and show great emotion that are the core of themselves.
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