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Shonda Hilton

Magge | Greater Seattle Teen Photographer | Shonda Hilton Photography

I mean when you are absolutely adorable, stunning, fun, bubbly, happy, etc…that means I had the hardest time culling down images so Miss Magge here has TONS of images, I literally couldn’t cut down anymore because I loved so many of them. Magge had this session done for her sweet 16 gift and what an awesome gift to have. I definitely didn’t have anything fun and amazing like this keepsake of portraits, wall art, and memories from my 16th. A little about Magge: she currently attends Kamiak High School and is a cheerleader on their pretty amazing team (seriously check em out). She is part of Class of 2021 which means we will be seeing this gorg face again! After her fashion consultation I knew something amazing was going to take place because fashion style is so freaking AWESOME! On trend and fun to boot! And when asked about her experience this is what Magge had to say “I love fashion, I love trends and I love living in the moment. Shonda went above and beyond finding about what I like, and what I am about. When I came in for my session, I was confident but still nervous. As soon as I walked into her gorgeous studio and brought back to start make up, all my stress faded away. I had such an amazing time and before I left, I knew something magical had happened! Thank you Shonda for lifetime memories!” Magge’s Mom was there and oh is she a hoot as well. I love when the parents are involved in having fun as well and are wanting to chat and further get to know each other during sessions. Here is what Tess had to say: “My daughter wanted to do something special to commemorate her 16th Birthday. We spoke with Shonda and decided that a photoshoot sounded like an extremely fun and memorable experience. Boy! Was it ever! Shonda is so thorough with every detail. Such an added bonus to have someone who can apply expertise make up and is current on hair styling. Magge just had to show up and Shonda worked her magic. Her passion for her craft is off the charts. Such an empowering experience. Thank you Shonda!” I mean gah, I am humbled by such kind words but mostly I’m thrilled you loved it all!   Here is a bit about Magge you may not have known:

1. I don’t have a single favorite color but I love all neutral colors, greys, whites, creams etc

2. My go to album right now is “Dan + Shay” by you guessed it, Dan + Shay

3. Summer is my favorite season, because I just feel like I have so much freedom and I get to have fun with my friends everyday

4. I actually have seven pets, 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a lizard (which is my brothers and I do not like him hahaha)

5. My dream car is a 2014 Grandsport corvette with black exterior and red interior (a true beauty)

6. As I continue to grow up, I want to pursue modeling or possibly acting

7. One of my goals right now is to live in a foreign country for at least six months

8. My quote to live by is-
“Stop comparing your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel”

9. My favorite vacation I’ve ever been on was to Montego Bay, Jamaica

10. and I’m going into my third year cheering at my high school


Hair and Makeup by: Shonda Hilton

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