Little Miss S. | Whidbey Island Glamour Photographer


This beautiful little girl is the younger sister of my son’s good friend and her parents are our friends as well. When I had an idea for a cemetery session with a ghostly girl I thought to myself wow Sophia would be great for it! When I asked her parents they were good with it as long as she was good with it. Of course I would never make her scared or uncomfortable as I could do this without actually taking her to a graveyard but in order to give it a much realer feel we decided to give it a try. So on the day we planned it I went over and “borrowed” Sophia. We went to the graveyard and she was honestly not weirded out at all. She was so matter of fact. I kept her away from the entrance all the way until I had her stand in the gated opening. She hopped in we took the shot and she hopped out, no biggie for her LOL. When I asked her if she would stand inside the cemetery she just said “Do I have to stay for long?” I said “nope” and she just walked on over and stood where I showed her just matter of fact like it happened everyday for her. I took the picture and she climbed out and helped me pack up my stuff and we headed off to my studio…

I figured being I was borrowing their daughter for my own personal project I was going to give them something in return and wanted some beautiful images of this little girl. We went over to my studio where she got to put on the smallest amount of lip gloss which just made her happy as a kitten! Being we had the old style dress on I wanted to capture some images with an antique feel to them. The other adorable dress was her dress she brought with her. She danced and twirled around making her dress swing all over. We had a blast!

Once I was finished with her cemetery pictures I showed her and she was so excited that they were “soooooo creeeeeeepppppyyy” she was quite exaggerated so I needed to drag those out for effect 😉 And she loved all of her “normal” pictures too. Oh and let us not forget that her mom and dad are happy with the finished project as well which is super important too!


Thank you Miss Sophia for being one of the best MODELS I’ve gotten to work with 😉


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