Katie | Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer

Katie came to me because she wanted to feel better about herself as she had recently had a baby 2 MONTHS prior to this session… I mean WOWZER… She looks amazing. But I can understand the image of your body and how your entire perception changes once you’ve had a baby. You sort of lose yourself a little bit and boy oh boy does your body change, not necessarily for the worst but it changes. This includes the new cesarean section scar she received and wanted to showcase in a couple of images as her “badge of honor” if you will for having her son. And lets not forget the Huskies shall we? She’s a huge fan so the gold and purple outfit were just too fun to not capture! And the necklace your mom bought you was a great shout out to your bond with her.
So we turned on some fun music and got started with hair by Taylor and Makeup by Shonda. Then we created this beautiful portraits for Katie that I am sure she will cherish for a lifetime.
Congrats again mama!!!


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