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Shonda Hilton

How to Relax for your Boudoir Shoot | Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer Shonda Hilton Photography

Understandably some customers get nervous about their boudoir shoot. I will say now that once you start, you will soon discover it is comfy and actually liberating. But I recognize you might not believe that while you are waiting!

So, if you want to be prepared here are some quick tips.

Bring Your Own tunes. We always have music playing during a session, but if you want to bring along your own tunes then please do. Especially if they will aid you get in the mood. We have Bluetooth speakers readily available to play the music.

Have a laugh. If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious acting out in front of the camera, don’t worry, simply laugh. Laughter is a fantastic relaxer. I am not afraid of being a fool to help you relax and smile so be prepared for me to a goof as well.

Take a break. You are completely in control all through the boudoir photoshoot. If you just want a instant then just say so.

You may be worried about being undressed in front of our staff. You will find them kind, courteous and professional during your experience. They are very comfortable with the procedure and you will be too. Our staff if present are female and consist of an assistant if needed and a makeup artist.

One of the most incredible gifts a woman can receive is being able to see herself as beautiful, strong and sexy. We would love to give that experience to you.

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