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How to prepare for a glamour shoot |Whidbey Island Glamour Photographer

Have you ever heard the phrase “getting better with age?” If not where have you been LOL. But wow the statement is completely true. So many wonderful things come with age, such as wisdom, self discovery, beauty, and grace. Yes there are those things we dislike with getting older like gravity, but aging is a privilege and we should appreciate the opportunity we are given. I know personally with getting older (yes I know I am not old) that I am no where near the girl/woman I was in my early twenties or even my early thirties. As I near forty I feel like I am finally coming into my own and discovering who I am and just how strong of a human being I am. My twenties like so many others were full of self doubt, insecurities, and general anxiety of how you think your life should be going and how you think society is judging you.


Well I am here to tell you no matter what age you are or what period of your life of self discovery you are at…. Where the damn bikini, eat the freaking cake, have that second glass of wine and just let all the other insecurities go. This is why you should have a glamour session in each of your decades. Document this journey you are on and I guarantee you as you look back at each image you will see the progression of yourself. I mean look at some of Hollywood’s leading ladies. They are all in their 40’s and some in their 50’s and they are rocking it! I know I know that we all cannot afford the personal trainer, chef, dermatologist, cosmetic teams etc. of these leading ladies but we can have the courage to step in front of the camera. I have booked glamour sessions for an 86 year old who wanted to make sure her “obituary picture wasn’t a horrible one my family picked” I mean seriously that is awesome!


So here’s a quick timeline for and how to prepare for a glamour shoot:



You are beginning a wonderful and fun journey as the prep work begins.

  • If you choose to do so you should start hitting the tanning salon now once or twice a week.
  • Start thinking clothes! You will need five to six outfits for your shoot. This is your time to shine so put a little extra into your selection. Your images reflect you and your style so try and stay true to yourself. No matter your body shape fitted clothing is ALWAYS the best choice for portraits.
  • Don’t worry about shoes! You will want fuzzy socks, slippers or bare toes for your session as I do not show feet. If you are dying to show off a certain pair of shoes you adore we can always make that happen, just let me know ahead of time.


Yay! You are one week closer to your shoot. If you’re just starting out be sure to begin the 1 month list and start these items now too.

  • Begin exfoliating your body with a nice grainy scrub. (I have a fabulous DIY coffee scrub recipe if you would like it)
  • Let’s talk about photoshop. I want you to love your images, do you have something you are self-conscious of? Birth mark or scar maybe? Do you want it corrected or leave it be as these are part of your beauty? Up to you, just let me know.
  • Continue shopping if you still need outfits for your shoot.
  • Remember if this is also a sexy shoot, try to find a couple of sexy bra/panty sets or a nice corset as well.


  • This week you will want to whiten your teeth. There are several over the counter brands that give results in one week or make a stop at your dentist and have them shine your pearly whites.
  • Exfoliate yourself at least once a week with your grainy scrub.
  • If going full pampered this is when to get your facial, You’ll need at least one week for your skin to heal.
  • Stop tanning as you do not want an accidental burn to occur.
  • You can expect an email/telephone call from me to touch base and answer any further questions.

3-5 DAYS

  • Last time to exfoliate your face and body. Let your skin relax after this one.
  • Leave those blemishes be. I can cover a pimple much easier than a scab.
  • Time to touch up the eyebrows. Consider a waxing or threading appointment or a trim and touch up at home to pluck away the strays.
  • Hit the beauty salon. Time for a trim and root touch up. Don’t go crazy and change drastically though there’s not enough time to correct if you don’t like the change. Have your stylist give you a deep conditioning or use your own product at home.
  • Try on all your clothes to ensure everything is fitting properly and that you still like your choices.

1-2 DAYS

  • Get a manicure/pedicure. If you are bringing your main man make sure his nails are neat and rings are cleaned.
  • If you skipped the tanning beds (which is OK!) now is the time if you choose to get your spray tan done. Personally I say come all natural but it’s your choice.
  • Final follow-up phone call by me for any questions and make sure you are excited about your shoot!


  • Come with a bare face (washed and moisturized)
  • Comfy outfit (to wear while you’re being stylized)
  • 5-6 fitted outfits for your shoot
  • Touch up your nails if needed. Toes too. You might want to do this night before though if it’s an early morning shoot.
  • Clean your wedding ring and any other jewelry.
  • Look at your eyebrows one last time and pluck/trim those strays away.

And don’t worry I have an easy to read and follow magazine that will help you create your dream shoot. It is called the “Dream Shoot Planner” and here is a quick glimpse into one of the pages describing hair and makeup.

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