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Helen’s Story and Her Boudoir Shoot | Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer

Helen’s Story and Her Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir shoots are often empowering and affirming for the women who come in and do them.
Helen’s story really moved me, especially the post shoot conversations on Facebook.
So here is the whole story as told through Facebook
*Client name changed for privacy reasons*

Helen: Looking forward to it but nervous too! Been working hard at gym! X

Shonda: You’ll enjoy it – seriously a lot of women feel really nervous for the first 5 minutes but at the end feel really liberated

Helen: I’m sure I will wouldn’t do it with anyone but u, I felt very comfortable after our consultation, just gotta keep up with gym so don’t have to suck everything in LOL

Helen: Hi Shonda, have got a few sets of undies to bring to photo shoot and a bodysuite type thing and some jewelry is there anything else I need? I am getting nervous, have a bit of a hangup about myself this is why I’m doing it, bordered anorexia as a teenager and have awful scars on my chest from spots and a UV intolerance, hoping these pics will give me the chance to look at myself and think i’m “ok”!! , sorry for blabbering on x

Shonda: Awesome, bra and undies are a great start and look great, bodysuits are a wonderful new trend that we can work with, don’t forget jewelry if you normally wear it but leave those pearls at home lol we are aiming for a modern glam look here. Don’t worry about scars etc. all will be removed if that is your preference but we will still keep you looking like you. Don’t forget stockings or similar. A “body” type underwear can work as well if you want to do anything that is implied nudity with white bedsheets.

Helen: That’s brill thanks Shonda, have got stockings and heels but forgot to put that!!! X

Helen: By the way if I feel brave enough may go implied nude! Bit like pic of Jennifer Aniston cover of GQ Magazine if that’s ok x

Shonda: of course – seriously you are in charge – you do as much or as little as you want.

Helen: I have taken some photos of styles of pics I have seen n quite like can I msge them to u to have a look please? Just some ideas xx

Shonda: Yes most definitely. If they are on pinterest just shoot me the board otherwise just email them over to me.

Helen: Obviously i’m not half as slim as the models so may not look good for me, not so sure on so much bum crack showing!! X

Shonda: I notice there are no faces in any of these? We definitely need to get gorgeous images with your face as well..But we can definitely do these images as well.

Helen: Oh yeah!! Maybe that’s my subconscious telling us something!! Have got a corset and oversized sweater to bring too.

Helen: Only a few days now!! Hope your airbrushing software is good….zit outbreak just at wrong time! Tut xxx

Helen: Looking forward to tomorrow, hope it warms up as I’ll be shaving for this!!! See u at 11.



Helen: Thank you so much for yesterday to you, I really really loved it and am already walking taller!!

Shonda: You are wonderful at what you do…..every woman should have one!!!xxxx

Shonda: Aw shucks…

Helen: Thank you AGAIN!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helen: Today I shall be mostly boring people with my pictures!! So if anyone will be offended by a 5ft 9 size 12/14 nearly 40 year old in not many clothes feel free to unfriend me now!! Or u can bitch about them then unfriend me!!!!

Nicki: Can’t imagine much unfriending going on! X

Theresa: as long as your walking 12ft tall no one has the right to bring you down. xx

Barnaby: It’s when *I* start posting half-naked pictures, that the unfriending starts. I knew I shouldn’t have worn that lingerie. Xx

Jenny: I can’t wait to see the pictures fu*k what others thinks

Barnaby: P.S. The thing is, friends should be exactly that – friendly. If anyone you know is judgemental, critical, rude, unsupportive or makes you feel uncomfortable, then they don’t deserve to be labelled a ‘friend’. Simples. Xx

Tanya: Cant wait see them xxxx

Helen: Barnaby: I totally agree but u wld be amazed, I know not everyone will approve or agree or even like the pics, i’m not a model type I have bad skin, scars, jelly belly and large hips but I hope others who are not perfect either n have body issues will look n think they would like it done, it was fab and I loved it once the sweaty palms/pits n feeling sick had stopped Simon was amazing and I felt totally at ease with him and most of all I can look at myself and accept who I am warts, zits, scars n all!!!! Xxxxx

Andrea: Where are they then????

Barnaby: I’m sure you’re your own harshest critic! But, I think everyone that knows you, can see you are beautiful on the outside AND inside. That’s a rare combination. I’m chuffed we re-connected. Keep on being you. Xx

Andrea: You rock girlfriend xxx
Those of us who cherish true friendship accept you and are proud of you
Who knows, I might even take the plunge myself…
Mind you I have 11 yrs on you!
Can they photoshop more than a smattering of cellulite ?????????

Helen: Andrea: sort of……and am off to see them at 11!! Barnaby: that is such a lovely thing to say, thanku, I am harsh on myself but think most women are, i’m glad we re-connected too u lovely person you!! Xxxxxx

Tanya: The people that matter to u r only ones u need worry about . Them and them only x we accept u for wot u r. A lush genuine loving lady xx with heart size football.

Helen: Ha ha ha ha Anj u daft bugger u are gorge u go for it I bloody loved it and ‘im hoping photoshopping is good cuz I bet Shonda has used it a fair bit!!! Xxx

Helen: Tanya I loves u too with my ‘heart sized football!!! Lol!!!! Xxxxxx

Eileen: I won’t be ‘bitching’ about them or unfriending you!

Tanya: Heehee…meant say heart THE size of a football ! Not a football as a heart lol xx

Helen: I knew wot u meant!! Xx

Andrea: Look at all the support of have got..
See…. Don’t doubt yourself.. Not ever xx

Helen: Loves u Anj……was only a viewing today, they were more than I could ever have expected, am so happy….Shonda took some silhouette side on ones they don’t even look like me they are fab and hadn’t even been retouched!!!!


Helen: Was only a viewing today and they were amazing, Shonda has a magic camera!!! Nowt like being a tease…..u gotta wait a few weeks to see um!!!

Jenny: Really ooo not fair Shonda lol

Helen: He is amazing but not a miracle worker!! He showed me all the untouched ones I am so happy with them and touched that I started to cry…..silly cow I am!!! Xx

Jenny: Lol no your not its just been a emotional week with whats happened at home

Helen: Do u know what? First time I have ever looked at myself and thought “god u look alright Mrs!!!!”


Helen: changed her profile picture.

Andrea: Ooo errrr missis

Nicole: very nice!

Kate: Wow!!

Donna: Stunner x

Debbie: Stunning xx

Jenny: Yehhhh sexy lady

Eileen: Luvverly!

Nikki: U look lovely Helen xx

Lynne: Lovely, lovely, lovely…..xxxxx

Helen: Nice eyelashes ehh?! Xx

Becky: Beautiful xx

Dave: Helen….Looking fantastic!


Helen: photo shoot with the wonderful Shonda
My nearly hitting 40 photos!! –

Jill: Well Helen – these are wonderful photos of a gorgeous woman! Well done to you and Shonda on your work! x

Helen: Thanku Jill, Shonda is amazing and these are only a few I have 35 being prepared for me!!! but wont get those for a few weeks these are just a taster!!!

Kate: You look amazing! Can’t wait to see the others:-)

Helen: Thanks Kate, we are all hoping to do a calender for CP (calender girl style) and the photographer that did these has offered his service free as its a charity he is a smashing chap and extremely talented!!!!

Nicole: Our Helen: is a stunning woman, she doubts herself though…….. I feel that she is not told it often enough!

Helen: I would think someone was taking piss if they did say it!!!

Nicole: Its doesn’t make it right though hun.x

Morgan: U look gorgeous!!! xxxx

Helen: Thankyou…tis Shonda: and his magic camera!!!xxx

Joanne: Beautiful photos Helen I should tell the old bugger, if he has nothing nice to say then keep it shut!! & remind him how lucky his Gamble of punching well above his weight paid off ;-)) xx

Helen: Ha ha ha ha!! thanku Jo…..keep telling you its the photographer’s doing!! I loved it I would highly recomend it!!!

Jean: You look amazing! xx

Helen: Thanku xxx

Tanya: Nothin to do with camera. That is u . Purely naturally u . One sat on chair is awesome .

I just love everything about her experience and feelings! This is why I do what I do…. <3


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