Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

Happy New Years to all!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say Happy New Years to everyone! I for one am excited about the upcoming year and all the possibilities it brings. 2013 has certainly been a fun year for me personally and professionally. I cannot begin to say how much my son has grown this year and the personality he has developed is of such a loving young little man and it makes my heart swell with joy that he cares so deeply about everyone and everything around him!


Although 2013 did have a few bumps on the road they were not enough to knock me down but helped grow as a person and I know 2014 will have it’s trials and tribulations but I look forward to them and know that I can overcome them.  Remember to have faith in how strong you are as well.


So what did I do for the Holiday Season? My husband, son, and I flew to Arizona to surprise my mom and spend Christmas with family. My side of the family has not been together since before my 5 year old nephew was born so it meant a lot to me to get the chance to have my entire family together once again. I set up the tripod and used the timer on the camera for a makeshift family photo. No matter how it was taken it is going to be cherished by myself and my family for years to come. 🙂

Not only did we get a chance to be with my family by husbands sisters and family was in town as well so we had the 1st ever Christmas together with them as well. Our boys are 4 months apart and just love playing together. They live in New Jersey so the boys love any chance they get to hang together. So once again I got out my handy tripod and used the timer for another family photo 🙂


I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year in 2014 and that you never give up on your dreams! I live mine every day that I get to do something with my family. Cherish the times you get together and the memories you create!





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