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Coordinating clothes so you look amazing together | Whidbey Island Photographer

Coordinating clothes so you look amazing together

Being somewhat coordinated on your engagement shoot really assists you two to appear more tightly joined, so here are some fast tips.

Casual Wear. Denim jeans and plain shirts are excellent for this. You instantly appear coordinated and casual. Everyone is so used to seeing jeans everywhere that the focus moves from the clothes to you. We can shoot both romantic and fun images with jeans.

Formal Apparel. This is a wonderful occasion to get out that special party frock and appear really special. For him then his best suit or ideally a tuxedo if he has one.

Shoes. Make sure you both have the right footwear to go with every outfit, sneakers and suit don’t work together! We might shoot you bare foot, so girls you might want to check your nail polish for your toes (though nude look on nails is normally best).

Accessories. Make sure you have everything to go with your outfits. You want the right jewelry, cuff-links and so on. And of course the betrothal rings – we want to make sure we shoot those. Make sure he has a pair of ties – he’s allowed one loud one and one quiet one 🙂

Avoid these. Logo’s and writing are best avoided, they are really eye-catching in photos and can be very distracting. Patterns and stripes do not work as well as simple, quiet colors. Don’t mix polka prints and diagonal stripes! Girls are permitted more pattern in their dress, men can have small plaids in the shirts.

We are always here to help and if you want to give us a telephone on 425-314-6151 or email to chat about any of then please do. We are here to take your queries and give you answers.

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