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Shonda Hilton

8 clothing tips/ideas for maternity sessions

You know you want to show your bump off – that’s why you’ve booked a maternity shoot in the first place. But just how do you do that without feeling that you look unflattering? I’ve been there, I know what 7-9 months pregnant feels and looks like, but trust me everyone knows your beautiful.

Firstly, I know no pregnant woman believes it – but you are automatically gorgeous. Pregnant women glow, their skin improves, their posture improves. What you see as ungainly waddling is in reality wonderfully graceful. I know you don’t believe me (or feel it) but it really is true.

Now on to clothing, what you want to bring is a mix of tight clothing to show the bump off and some loose clothing to show you off.

1. Good tight, clingy dresses are great, they show off your bump perfectly. Please don’t bring bold wild prints, they distract from your beauty and the gorgeous bump that is your baby.

2. Dresses that are ruched or belted can really accentuate your bump too.

3. A simple white shirt or blouse combined with black or dark leggings are great. We can pull the leggings below the bump and drape the shirt around it.

4. Some women like to go for a more naked and artistic look. Depending on quite how bare you want to go you need to think about what underwear to choose – for maternity shoots we suggest simple and elegant. Always bring a nude pair of underwear and we will talk more about bra’s and undergarments during your consultation.

5. Accessories: You may want to keep them to a minimalist approach. Diamond stud earrings, simple necklace and bracelet. I work closely with a Chloe + Isabel rep who can help you determine what your style may be for the session and have the potential to borrow items from them directly for your session.

6. Determine who you are being photographed with, if you are being photographed with your significant other or family do not go super matchy matchy. Refer to the family magazine to see ideas for color themes.

7. Are you doing an indoor only session or are we also going outdoors? Plan accordingly for the weather and determine if you are showing your belly outside as well. Layers may be your best option outdoors.

8. Layout your outfits to see what they look like. If you would like to create a Pinterest board we can definitely help with that. There are also 2 lace gowns and a gorgeous purple flowing gown on the clothing wrack along with gorgeous tulle skirts to be fitted with the best tops!


8 tips for what to wear maternity photo session by Shonda Hilton Photography


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