Shonda Hilton
Shonda Hilton

5 Tips for a Relaxed Photoshoot with Children | Whidbey Island Photographer

You know you are going to get some gorgeous family images that you will treasure forever. You are also worried that your kids (or husband) are going to be a nightmare. Just keep chilled yourself and all the rest of the family will be fine too.

So here are some fast tips you can apply at any instance you feel a slightly stressed, not just at your photoshoot.

Count slowly down from 10.

As you count down, just breathe slowly and unwind your shoulders.

Deep breaths.

In through the nose, out through the mouth. Calm, slow, deep breathing is a well known relaxation technique.

Laugh and Giggle

If your youngster is being a little monkey, then pick them up, give them a tickle and tell them in a happy way they are being a little monkey.

Be ready to be silly.

Maybe both you and your children need the tension breaking. A quick game of piggy back, or walking like a chicken, dancing, singing or spinning might be all it takes to go to the next level.

Don’t get cross.

Really, that is when it is all going to go wrong. We understand that kids won’t always co-operate and we are happy to work round it. If they are not doing what we’ve asked, then we will change tack and shoot something around them.


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