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5 minute makeup for moms| Whidbey Island Glamour photographer

If you follow me on any social media forum you know I LOVE makeup! I have a small obsession with it and creating beautiful looks for myself and my clients. But lets be real for a minute shall we? I may post images with my “face” done and showcase beautiful moms and women on my website with full makeup but that is not an everyday occurrence for any of us. The majority of my clients are busy women whether or not they have kiddos or are married and do not have an hour a day just for makeup. But that being said we still want to look slightly polished or put together on a daily basis. There are several days I don’t wear makeup and let my face breath, other days I try to stick to a simple 5 minute routine that helps me boost my self confidence that day.


Many women ask me what I use on my face for products. Answer is I do not use crazy expensive products and found a couple of CRAZY affordable brands that I actually like better than the higher end brands (I do have them as well but not as many anymore, no need to spend more now).

So I thought why not put out a quick blog to tell you all what I use. I do have mixed skin of an oily T zone so some of these products help decrease my grease factor. Being I am 36 I do have wrinkles, larger pores, and less elastic skin than I once had so these products work for me at this point in my life.

The most important part of the makeup application in my opinion to make it last all day is to use a primer over your pre-moisturized face if you’re going to use foundation. My all time favorite is the Roc primer you see in the photo and my 2nd favorite I use when I have a much heavier facial routine because it is thicker and does help reduce the appearance of pores nicely. Then I simply use a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. I have tried several ranging from $6-$48 and am sticking with the $6 one for now. It isn’t heavy or greasy and I like it. If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes you can quickly put a orange/red blush under your eyes and dab in (not a lot,,, think a little goes a long way) then you can simply put a coverup over it and bam your under eyes are fresh looking. A simple drugstore blush, mascara, and on occasion highlighter help finish off the face. I like nude lips so I tend to just use my lip balm and keep my nude lip. For the eyes I must the Urban Decay eye primer is a must in my routine… Having loose skin on my eyelids my makeup creases like mad if I don’t use it. It takes 2 seconds to dab on then your eye shadow lasts all day and the color stays truer. I tend to just run a light tan or orange color in my crease with one of my favorite brushes there and then a light pink on the eyelids and top off with curling my lashes and applying mascara. If I have more than 5 minutes I may put on my signature cat wing eye liner but that is not something that you can easily do in a time crunch… There are days a solid cat wing can take 5 minutes each eye so unless you’re a natural at it it simply doesn’t make it into the 5 minute makeup routine. To top it off I LOVE my translucent powder from Laura Mercier. This is not a drug store brand but I have tried SEVERAL and none compare to the Laura Mercier powder, it extends your makeup and helps me keep all of it set and grease free…


If I am wanting to go a little further on my face I do love the Kat Von D foundation which is a FULL coverage foundation and is heavy so it is not an everyday go to but I do love it so if you see me a bit more “made up” there’s a good chance I am wearing it. The pink sponge is a

beautyblender® original which makes putting on everything from the primer to moisturizer to blush and powder a snap! Other products I LOVE are eye shadows from Morphe Brushes… I cannot say how much I am obsessed with them. I have 2 palettes now and am filling up this 2nd one now. You can buy single shades and simply put them in a palette for easy storage. They are highly pigmented and very easy on the wallet. The brushes there range in price and include Morphe Brushes, Sigma, E.L.F. and Sephora. I have A LOT of brushes but these are just a couple that can make the 5 minute application happen and blend well. I feel like blush brushes are pretty standard so no need to showcase one. And I dab the highlighter on with my finger to my cheek bones and tip of my nose. 
I hope that helps and if you have any questions please by all means shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to help…
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****disclaimer**** I have not been paid or asked to share these products. These are simply items I like to use.

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