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Shonda Hilton

4 Dangers of using Google images in web posts

4 Dangers of using Google images in web posts

4 Dangers of using Google photographs in Web Posts

So you’ve got your article for your blog, or your web page update all ready to go, it simply needs a image to illustrate. Many people promptly turn to Google image search to obtain the image they need, without being aware of the risks and legal situation involved.

Pretty much any picture on the web, and any image you discover in google will be copyright to somebody – and they will have a claim against you if you use their photograph without permission and/or payment.


1) The stress-free one, the owner of the image drops you an email asking you to remove the offending image. if you get this one, you’re lucky.

2) The copyright holder files a DMCA take down note – which can actually force the temporary closure of your site. In some cases your hosting company may even remove your site.

3) The copyright holder demands a monetary settlement – and this can be for thousands of pounds.

4) Your theft (and yes it is theft) becomes public knowledge and your reputation suffers as well as your bank balance.


Trust me, every day on the professional photographer forums I read photographers doing precisely that, executing effortless web searches for mis-use of their images. And rightly so – this is how we produce our living and you are stealing the bread from our children’s mouths when you do this.


1) images used under “Fair Use” – although this really only applies to reviews and some educational use – it’s doubtful that a commercial blog would get away with this.

2) License the images, discuss with the image owner, or use a stock image company for photographs.

3) Make your own photographs – using your own illustrations and or photography

4) Ask a knowledgeable photographer to originate images for you. Typically you can get a full licence for web use free as part of the photo session costs.


It’s so tempting to take a hazard. It feels risk free, it feels simple – all until someone catches up with you, then it’s a hassle you can do without.



If you are needing an image there are several ways to source an image. You can try these websites that have images that you can legally use!

Shay Cochrane has so many AMAZING stock images you can purchase for use on websites and any form of merchandise you can think of. Her work is the highest of quality with the best lighting and composition out there! You can find her awesome work HERE

Adobe offers stock images that are also crazy high quality images that can be legally used (please ensure use is described in your purchase). You can find these amazing images HERE

Another FREAKING COOL site is called UNSPLASH. I have used images from here myself and am totally happy with the ones I have selected. Please note these are images taken by individuals and granted permission to use per the policies of unsplash so please read the fine print. You can find these images HERE


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